Wee Chocolate Creams + Clean Up Tip!

I did this mani a few months back and figured I’d give it another go. Other than messing up the thumb a bit it came out alright. So here are my tiny chocolate creams! Don’t they just look like something out of a pot-of-gold box?

2014-08-13 00.46.34

I also want to take a moment and show my cuticle clean up method. This is my right hand, as you can see, I’m not quite as steady on my offhand and I tend to get it everywhere. So here’s my pro tip: Take one of those toothpick/floss combos, dip the floss end in remover or acetone and “saw” around your cuticles to get a nice gap between nail and ridge. 2014-08-13 12.59.22


Awwyess. Look how much nicer that is. 



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